Greetings Archerelle Family,

The response on the launch of ARCHERELLE + CELESTIAL MAGIC continues to inspire, thank you!   Our hearts are expanding with so much gratitude as we burst with excitement to share a collection we put our heart and soul into.  As a Mom attempting to juggle family and career there were moments of doubt, asking myself if this vision could come to life… the answers unfolded one-by-one, as a support team formed.  When the vision grew with magical intentions and landed on our hearts, there was no stopping the O Train!  It all became possible with the love a partner, my amazing Mommy, friends, and the magic of our earth angels; Jenea, Chloe, and Charlie!  The collective efforts and contribution make every piece an act of love, truly!

This was a year filled with unexpected change and challenge, testing our strength of purpose!   Upon surrendering to what we could shift and letting the rest go, the space became available to continue to humbly work our way through.  We chose to focus on why this was important, not the many how’s  that kept coming up.  While there is a business plan in place and the bigger vision is expansive and grand, the NOW vision is filled with grassroots efforts all around.  Was important for us to test the idea in a small space, before we expand.  Recently, while at the Pearl Xchange event, Katherine Powers of Who What Wear said simply, “if you don’t know how to do something, find someone who does!” That, came up quite a bit for us!  The people we’ve connected with along the way are a wonderfully talented group, who stretch themselves at every stage.  The solutions that have magically unfolded are undeniable.

The Fall/Winter ARCHERELLE collection, inspired by Celestial Magic, will debut on November 17th in Venice at our launch {private viewing + shopping experience}.  If you’d like to be included or know a friend who would like to join, we’d love to hear from you, please email;  The launch will include a first viewing of the collection, exclusive pricing, astrological readings, and access and information to future gathering incorporating the art of beading, tea, and celestial magic.  The website will go LIVE to share the collection with everyone on November 25th.

These symbolic semi + precious beaded necklaces are integrated with magical 70’s zodiac one-of-a-kind pendants.  Every pendant is an act of love, as we searched high and low through estate sales, private dealers, and the internet.  Upon diving into the thought behind each piece we discovered  7 elements, that would contribute to the magic of each necklace; overall vision,  clarity around energy points for (3) lengths, bead combinations supportive of one another, knotting intention which became the known as the love zone entrance, connection in thread color, crystal energy, and creativity around the focal pendant culminated the vision.  The combination of each necklace holds a different energy and that energy changes form with each person.

In diving into career with two littles, the most important element was to be able to create, while having the kids involved as much as possible.  That hope + dream is beginning to come true!  Chloe is my prototype princess.  There isn’t a combination that wasn’t blessed our hubby cherub AKA Charlie, and our dancing bear AKA Chloe.  Fortunately, we also have a team of lovely women locally who helped craft + expand the vision.  No doubt, a team of collective angels created the possibility for this to manifest!  When I think about the dedication and excitement everyone made to their respective contribution, I get emotional.  Celestial Magic orbits around love and connects us ALL through art and ritual.

Onto the handbag vision… born more out of necessity.  As a Momma the weight of my bag + babies began to take a toll on my shoulder, neck, and posture.  As a dancer, it’s major when you become aware… you’re that women hunched over with bad posture.  Upon seeing a chiropractor… I was told, it was my handbag that was contributing to the inevitable shift I experience after each alignment.  A trip on the internet provided further clarity… several articles in, and I discovered an interesting Huffington Post article, Why Your Purse Is Giving You Back Pain… And 11 Ways To Fix It.

Ah-ha!  An opportunity was beginning to come to light…  I could design a bag!   I mean, why not, I have tons of time on my hands.  HaHa!  Seriously, when it’s time to put an idea into action, “it” keeps me up.  In diving into the creative process, the inspiration began to take flight… there were several contributing factors to designing a shoulder bag with minimal impact.   I asked my husband what the first thing he noticed about a women’s handbag.  He responded with enthusiasm, “THEY ARE TOO BIG!”  And it was a wrap, we had to make this happen!  A OOAK shoulder bag that is lightweight, multi-functional, sexy, and complimentary towards a women’s figure!

Now the execution… there were other important business elements that needed to come together or it didn’t work.  The other goals… affordability, made in LA, locally scoring the best + lightest weight leather, luxurious lining that told told the story of the bag, and a way to integrate the magical numbers 3 + 7 + 12.

I am humbled and proud to say all of the goals + elements were achieved.  The LADY LUCK {shoulder bag} is a one-of-a-kind beauty… she is fierce, she is functional, and ladies she will debut at our launch on November 17th!  We hope you love her as much as we do!  LADY LUCK images and the ability to purchase will available on our website for everyone on November 25th.

Where will ARCHERELLE jewelry + handbags be sold?  ARCHERELLE website, curated marketplaces, gatherings where we share + teach the art of beading, and we’re currently in talks with a few specialty boutiques in major cities.  The goal is to land in 33 stores globally by next Thanksgiving.  If you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you!

Thank you in advance for your support.  Throwing out mad love + celestial magic… rooting for each and every women who follows her heart and is guided by her inspiration- we are unstoppable together!  It’s all happening!

Over & ARC,

Dana Morgan


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