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Greetings ARC Family,

Welcome to a portal where we’ll explore the pulse behind ART, RITUAL, and CONNECTION.

Why these elements?  In 2006 I was inspired to start Green Carpet, a sustainable event production company.  My intention was to create beautiful eco-friendly gatherings while incorporating as many local, seasonal, and organic resources as possible.  As a women who values creativity, the planet, and thought provoking design I thought I had landed in heaven.  What I didn’t consider… the world ten years ago wasn’t ready, and neither was I.  Despite considerable obstacles I was determined to forge ahead and make it happen.  Then, the economy crashed, and my partner’s real estate business was the first to take a MASSIVE hit.  Shortly thereafter, the events industry began to shift…  Companies that had been around for 20+ years were under, while this next generation of talented visionaries were powerfully emerging.

My contribution shifted from an idea to a full-time business.  We had just gotten married and my teenage daughter who was residing up north came home to live with us.  There were many moving parts that contributed to the high stakes of how much my heart wanted this new venture to succeed.  The approval from my loved ones was forefront… I deeply wanted my family to be proud, and most importantly I strived to prove to myself I could DO THIS! and carry out my vision.  The purpose fueled the passion and I landed in space where it all came together, eventually.  It took steady passion, commitment, resourcefulness, and a few years!

As I began to witness why some events were more successful than others, the shift in awareness began to alter my vision and overall perception.  An enormous budget could be completely overshadowed by ego driven intentions, while the most beautiful of moments always had one thing in common; intentional + purpose driven love.  Sounds basic, yet it was astonishing, at the number of people who were throwing an event for reasons that had nothing to with the connection + energy available in the room.  Instead of leaving a lasting impression, there was this overwhelming pressure to dazzle and impress.  The era of the smoke and mirrors Kardashian culture was beginning to form.  And I was planted in the center of it… this was my demographic.  It began to take a toll on everything.  I knew in my heart, my contribution wasn’t in the celebratory process, without clearly defining what that meant in this chapter.  The hypnosis of the herd was becoming a scary place and I was not willing to settle.  My soul was craving authentic heart-pulsed art, earthly ancestral ritual, and deep spirited connection. 

Simultaneously, our focus began to shift as my partner and I, were hoping to expand our family.  After a few unsuccessful pregnancies, the miraculous star seed we had envisioned was planted.  Holy dancing hormones!   The next nine months blasted off and we juggled it all… a daughter graduating from high school, thriving businesses, contributing to several publications, and a social calendar that could employ most on it’s own.  Given how young I was when I had my daughter Jenea, it was unclear just how significant this new life would impact our family dynamic, and my career.

When Chloe Elle Orescan (CEO) was born on January 29th, 2012 {Dragon + Aquarius}, life took on an unexpected rainbow spectrum of highs and lows- and it all came rushing back!  There were hours on end, I would stare at her insane eyelashes, rain kisses on her sweet heart shaped lips, and thank the angels.  All of that beauty, and I was still overcome with hours of crying (she was colic), heart pulsed explanations to friends who did not have children, and resentment for my partner who would leave for 14 hours a day, six days a week.  He was not present for our first, like he is with our second.  In short, my heart was insanely grateful, while my hormones were in control of everything else… other than my mom who came for relief once a week, I was a disaster. It took about six months to reconnect to myself.  And my hormones to make friends!  Nonetheless, the joie de vivre was back and began fully experiencing life again!  Likely due to Chloe.  She could be the happiest person on the planet.  The kid is some version of a reincarnated Disney character, always… she’s like living with Minne, the entire Jungle Book, and Elsa- of course!

All that, and the O train still wasn’t complete.  Further torture awaited.  Ha!  I could feel a boy… the feeling was incredibly strong!  So strong, despite a few more unsuccessful pregnancies I made an unwavering commitment to connect with this soul.  Those who know me, get how dedicated (and yes, incredibly stubborn) I can be in pursuance of wherever my heart lands.

In order to sustain a healthy pregnancy, at 37 years old, it was evident a few significant changes were in the cards… I cut way back on work and took stock of everything in my life.   The self love and care I had been neglecting was requiring my full attention, and often that meant shifting my focus from Chloe, to myself.  The balance I craved was planted in the choices I was making. Shortly thereafter, we were successfully pregnant, and with a boy.  As with Chloe, this pregnancy was powerful.  My energy levels were low and there days I questioned it ALL.  The hardest job on Earth, was matched by the most challenging pregnancy out of the three.

Upon, seeing our OBGYN for the first time, we danced with joy.  His due date was on his Dad’s birthday, December 12th.  Magic follows whenever 12’s + 3’s show up in my life.  Needless to say, several Ah-Ha’s! and twirls happened in that moment.  The magical synchronicity was already unfolding, and months later we gave birth to an enormous healthy baby boy, AND YES!, on December 12th, 2014.  After almost two weeks in labor, Charles Indie Archer Orescan (CIAO) was born…

Well, hello!  Magic man, cherub-chub… where have you been all of my life???  Nice to SEE you, again!  His striking platinum blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, and angel pale skin were breathtaking!  It’s safe to say my heart has operated out of my body, since I saw his face for the time!  There was this immediate intensity about him.  It was as if he could SEE right into my soul. Beyond our physical similarities, there was a deeper understanding… the gifts continue to unfold as we get to know him, and along the way, I’ve been reintroduced to parts of myself.  A soul connection indeed, he’s our magic man.

On that note, let’s dive into where it all started, with my first born Angelbaby, AKA Jenea Monique.  While it’s certainly not ideal or recommended for anyone to give birth in their teenage years, for me, it continues to shape everything.  My circumstances were also unique, in that I had a tremendous amount of support raising Jenea from family.  It was in her high school years where we connected, and flourished the most.  As much as I love being a mom, raising a daughter (at times) feels like you’re sacrificing everything for your finest critic.  The truths from the one you love the most, often come with high stakes.  When we were able get on the other side of all the teenage drama, we plugged into the light- and the love saved us both… we explored our many opportunities for growth, and landed in space of profound ascension; that magical combination connected us to one another and our most authentic selves.  It has shaped our vision and ultimately become our superpower.  If you’d like to see Jenea’s superpower spirit working through her, you’ll find her rocking the stage…  teaching SoulCycle class in Northern California, dancing professionally, or as a spoken word artists.  Beyond everything, she’s a force of love, who operates from her heart, and thrives most while in the service of others.  She is an angel, and will always, be my baby… my life began, the day she was born!

SoulCycle’s importance on this journey is worth diving into- the tipping point for each of us… it was in the room, in the darkness we connected to everything + everyone that would give birth to this next chapter!  At, one of my first experiences, I invited Jenea to a class where Angela Manuel Davis was the instructor.  If you’ve never taken her class, it’s a date with divine intervention!  In short, we both walked out with a purpose that shifted our lives collectively and individually… for me, it was change from the inside out, and for Jenea it was motivation to become the youngest SoulCycle instructor in the country.  I voice that humbly, as a proud Mama.  The audition process and bootcamp to be apart of the SC family is enough to break anyone.  At 21 she held it down!

After moving through a series of designed challenges and obstacles, everything started to look and feel different.  My friendships began to take form in another light.  In the past, I was prone to blame when energy was negative or felt stuck.  However, it was becoming clear, it is all self created.  When I finally had the courage to reveal parts of myself I had kept hidden, something interesting happened… some were interested and listened, while a select few were unavailable.  When you voice your truth, not everyone is ready for it, especially those who are having a difficult time with their own.

The veil at that point was thin… I was vulnerable, and the opportunity became available for authentic self discovery.  On the way I connected to Spiritweavers.  It was a dear friend, Tina Elmo, who lit the courageous path with her Aries warrior spirit.  After attending our first gathering in Joshua Tree, 3 months pregnant with Charlie, I had an astonishing experience.  One that I will share in detail another time.  In short, it was out of body and confirmed everything in my heart about living in a multi-dimensional, quantum world.  It also confirmed how extraordinary the 12/12 date would later show-up.  The Energy Medicine Practitioner, who lead the ritual was, Maggie Harrsen.  They are part of a collective energy of women who have inspired the clarity of vision and intentional practice of  love, friendship, support, and community. I am deeply grateful for the women in my life!

The richness in discovery over the last ten years has elevated my purpose, and manifests daily in one beautiful synchronicity after the next.  The way I begin each day is often how it ends, with a disciplined grateful heart.  I thrive in clarity and being in service!   The vices I once relied on for fun, take a back seat, to the spirited rituals that feed my soul.

How does that show up on the daily?  The mornings are activated with a Living Tea practice introduced by graceful goddess Baelyn Elspeth, followed by Sadhana and spoken {VISION} inspired by the ever empowering Taylor Eyewalker.  While challenges still appear,  I do my best to embrace them as opportunities.  The higher consciousness I aspire to in my daily practice is planted in love and blossoms throughout the day in pursuance of visionary art, cultivated in ritual, and celebrated within spirited connection.  ARC has been created to explore these elements and how they assist in shaping and transforming everyday mediocracy into a magical life with marvelous possibilities.  It also serves as the blog space that supports the inspiration behind ARCHERELLE {handcrafted symbolic jewelry + accessories}.

While expanding on the vision of this next chapter, my heart landed in a deeply familiar space.  A space that was entered into with ease thanks to the support and empowerment from mystical goddess Roxana Zal, creator of Goldddust.  In her powerful Scorpio connection to the divine, she reminded me, of all my passions the two that transcend all are; intuitive design + adding value to beauty through connection… twenties;  it showed up in clothing design, styling, and distribution with GEM, in my thirties;  it was about transforming space with events + interiors, and now in my almost forties; (an entrance I’m looking forward to next year) it’s artisan jewelry, accessories, and a magical set of celestial cards.

The inspiration behind the name ARCHERELLE came from our two shining lights (Charlie Archer + Chloe Elle), everything we’ll create is handcrafted locally in the City of Angels (attributed to Angelbaby, Jenea).  It also serves as a double entendre as we {ARCHER}; aim (masculine) for {ELLE} ascendance (feminine).  In the Fall, we will launch our first collection as an expression of the wild, untamed, golden thread of the 70’s.  Every season we will integrate the symbology connected to  Celestial Magic.

The Celestial Magic deck has a thought provoking astronomical foundation that is made up of the 12 astrological houses, 12 astrological signs, and 12 sources of planetary energy.  While I love Tarot, these are not Tarot cards.  My mother, Mary Ianniccheri, is my partner, co-creator, and the original Mama behind the creation.  It’s through her teachings and inspirations, the recreation is possible.  Upon asking clients and friends for the words behind their experience, a redundant echo of… “They are beyond words, they are MAGIC!” In early 2017 the cards will be published for purchase along with a resourceful book!

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It’s all happening!***

Over & ARC,

Dana Morgan

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